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We are a small group who either live or work in the Greater London area. But we all have one thing in common - an association with prostate cancer in some form. Our members cover a broad range of experience, from those on active surveillence to those who have undergone a varierty of treatments.


Each member has a story to tell and an enthusiasm

to listen, to help and to support others.

Our beliefs and values

We believe that each and every member has something to offer to the group.


We value everyone's contribution, in whatever form that may be. We do not judge; we do not expect anything of each other.

The way we interact

Our meetings are informal; lots of listening to each other, lots of discussion, experiences and suggestions.


What we discuss in our meetings does not go beyond our meetings; we respect each other's confidentiality.

Our support

Above all, we exist to support each other.


We try and make a difference by helping each other: with a listening ear, with our own experiences and the experiences of others. And with good  intentions.

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