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We have a schedule of monthly meetings which are listed below.



Our schedule for 2023 is to meet on the following day of each month:

  • Tuesday 10th January

  • Tuesday 14th February

  • Tuesday 14th March

  • Tuesday 11th April

  • Tuesday 9th May

  • Tuesday 13th June

  • Tuesday 11th July

  • Tuesday 8th August

  • Tuesday 12th September

  • Tuesday 10th October

  • Tuesday 14th November

  • Tuesday 12th December

Since the Coronavirus we have been holding our meetings virtually (using Zoom) by invitation. However we are currently seeking a venue so that we can return to face-to-face meetings.

If you are not a member of the support group and would like to attend a meeting, please contact us.

You will be welcomed!

Why not speak to us first and we will be happy to give you more information - contact us.

Thinking of joining us?

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